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abandon me

A poem heavy in imagery about a love lost and ravage that follows.

artwork by pierre mignard

you left me standing,

feet embedded

in porcelain sand

as foam lapped timidly.

you rowed away,

as i cemented in place,

jagged obelisk

firmly planted.

you didn’t turn back,

oar slicing sea

in perfect intervals,

light larch boat

wobbling through waves,


you reached rocky bank,

as wind whipped cold,

rain etching sadness

in delicate silver.

you kicked the boat askew,

but it knocked back,

digging bleeding stripes

into your feet.

so you headed towards pine,

river of red

trailing behind,

ravage in your wake.


Alin Quinn is a disabled, mixed writer and poet in the US. Their poems have been published in “Of Love and Dedication”, a Live Poets Society high school anthology, and “That Gray Zine”. When not reading or writing, they especially enjoy hanging out with their dog, playing the Sims 4, and collecting plushies. They are also currently studying social work in college.

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