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Chxrry22 - The Power of Passion

"I wanna take over the world."

Photo via Ro.lexx

“We can be both the villain and the victim in some story and this is me owning that."

This powerful quote from up and coming R&B artist, Chxrry, encapsulates the main theme of her debut EP, The Other Side, which explores duality and the complexity that is a part of all of us - a message that is not often told. No one wants to be the villain of the story. No one wants to admit that they were wrong and could have hurt someone they cared about, but a part of being human is understanding that we are complex and are capable of being the recipient and giver of abuse.

There are 7 tracks on the EP, starting with the titular “The Other Side” and concluding with the somber but powerful “Wasteland”. Chxrry presents a unique sound to the R&B genre, and with smooth vocals, inventive lofi-esque beats, and a sincere passion for creating music, she has already begun making her mark on the genre. Being the first female singer to be signed onto The Weeknd’s XO records, she is extremely grateful and wants to open the door for other women.

Chxrry’s music practice often takes on a feminist perspective and she aims to make songs for girls and specifically her younger self: “I think my biggest inspiration is probably just young girls that grew up like me and just being a voice and a face and someone that they can look at and be like ‘Oh I see myself in her’. That’s what I think about when I do things.”

She aims to empower others through her music while also appealing to her inner child and making herself proud, something artists can sometimes forget to do in the face of raging crowds and public expectations.

Also hailing from Toronto, Chxrry has since moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career more seriously. Being an artist from Toronto, makes her stand out among the copious amount of American artists dominating R&B, and she knows this, but still holds on strong to her Toronto roots. She knows she's different and wants to bring her own sounds with her wherever she goes. Born in Scarborough, Canada to Ethiopian immigrant parents, Chxrry grew up surrounded by music and songs. Her mother would encourage her to sing at birthday parties and the like, which led her to discover she had a knack for singing and could perform in front of crowds. She began posting covers online in 2017, and after gaining traction, she moved to Atlanta and began working on what would eventually become The Other Side.

Chxrry aims to incorporate her personal stories into her music and is building a brand off of being passionate, unique and kind. Singing is in her blood and this is evidently clear once you listen to any of her songs. She is living proof that passion and talent can go such a long way, from posting covers online to having her debut EP endorsed by The Weeknd himself. She truly loves making music and is excited to continue her growth into the industry, work with other talented individuals and create a path for newcomers. Seeing someone go after their dreams and find growing success is incredible, especially in the ruthless and often unforgiving world we live in.

“I wanna take over the world.” Chxrry stated in our interview. The sky's the limit in her eyes, and she wants to try a bit of everything. Whether it be acting, modeling, starting a clothing line, or a tech company, Chxrry just might be ambitious enough to try it all, and why shouldn’t she? “I just feel like the possibilities are endless… I just wanna do as much as I can while I’m still around.”

She still finds herself surprised at her success and the kindness she receives from her fans, and sees herself as a very new artist who’s still navigating the industry. When asked about how she develops her craft, she responded: “Doing. Literally just going out there and doing my best, and I rehearse a lot, but I think it’s something to be said about you can rehearse as much as possible but once you get out there it’s a whole different feeling… I just rehearse and hope for the best.”

She is aiming to become a trailblazer for women in the industry, which is something we should all aspire to do as creatives - that is creating more access for those who come after us. We can look at Chxrry’s story and be inspired. Someone taking the time to develop their passion and becoming successful doing something they love is amazing. Especially when they are able to explore such a strong message in a beautiful way. We all have two sides. We can be the victim and the villain. We can be hurt and hurt others simultaneously and that’s something we need to own up to in order to grow as people.

After speaking with her, I can tell that Chxrry is a genuinely talented, kind-hearted, humble and confident person, and I wish her the absolute best with her career. Through her journey we can all be reminded that with a little bit of faith and a whole lot of passion, we can accomplish anything. Make sure to stream her debut EP here.


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