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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

A lesser known, underlying search result that delves into the potential intricacies and mindscapes associated with the word climb.

Image by Staff Photographer Prithvi Satish




  1. A grueling task requiring copious amounts of effort, but one that is not without reward. "I climbed through all my bad memories, grabbing fistfuls of hope as my hands dug through the sand, knowing that I wasn’t too far from the top, knowing that I was going to make it out of here no matter how long it took."

Similar: what they call the journey to the light at the end of the tunnel, a command screaming never give up, the act of reaching up and pulling yourself through it all, simply getting back up again, holding on, going up, getting better

Opposite: remaining where you are

  1. the momentum that gets you out of the darkest pits; a battle. "As I climb, no one can stop me. I shall not be bound to the darkness forever."

Similar: an endless perseverance, the voice that tells you you’ll be alright, the strength that

you’ve always had within you

This piece is meant to give an understanding of the theme of this issue, and what ‘The Climb’ represents to me personally. It’s not something that is easy to complete or even start. It’s supposed to represent progress or a willingness to move forward, even if you haven’t started your journey yet. A lot of times, I feel that people focus on the allure of the journey to healing, which this piece does talk about, but it also focuses on the inner strength it takes for someone to begin looking for healing and striving for better for themselves. The main takeaway I want others to have from this piece is that, make no mistake, the climb isn’t easy, but that’s just what makes it all the more rewarding when you complete it. There is no failing in this journey - whether you stumble and fall or have to do it all again. You can take all the time you need to complete the climb. All in all, ‘climb’ means getting to somewhere better, not being somewhere better.


Jaidah-Leigh Wyatt is a Canadian-Jamaican writer, currently studying film in university. She enjoys anything horror-related (specifically psychological horror) but has also been delving into absurdism and surrealism as of late. Overall she aims to create works that challenge your perspectives and change your views. Whether it be writing, films, or drawing, you can always find her working on something (or so she says).


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