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my phone is giving me anxiety

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

A poetic examination of how phones can lead to a diagnosis of social media blues and threaten the mind to cave under pressures of maintaining an online life.

i am trying to be a better person but i’m obsessed

with watching lonely people on tv, claiming

that such false imitations are more

desirable than my reality — anything

could be; however, i can’t find any motivation to get up

from the floor and turn off my screen. the doctor only diagnosed

me with a case of social media blues, but i’m not weak

enough to believe that’s true.

i’m better than that! my brain won’t turn to mush,

won’t collapse, under the unbearable weight

of an online life.


Sam H. is a college student planning to study psychology. They're an avid fan of niche TV shows and often enjoy reading comics in their spare time.


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