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Still Growing

Last year, I learned what it was to move backwards...

Last year, I learned what it was to move backwards

I learned how to be stagnant and still

I realized that I was still bad at making friends

And was disappointed in myself for many nights

I felt the kiss of rejection several times over.

I didn't accomplish all my dreams

And I'm still not where I want to be.

Last year, I learned that I was bolder than I thought

More capable than given credit for

Quiet, but more reflective than anyone ever lead me to believe

I am still kind hearted

Despite everything I still try

Even if I can't seem to find my footing.

I've grown since those days of past

And I still have so much growing to do

I am mountains away from my goals.

But I am excited

and hopeful

for what more I can do

This year.


Jaidah-Leigh Wyatt is a Canadian-Jamaican writer, currently studying film in university. She enjoys anything horror-related (specifically psychological horror) but has also been delving into absurdism and surrealism as of late. Overall she aims to create works that challenge your perspectives and change your views. Whether it be writing, films, or drawing, you can always find her working on something (or so she says).

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