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Thank You

Angels are the people in our lives who have always been there, cheering us on, but who cheers on our angels? What do our angels need in order to cheer us on? There’s not really a cheer squad for the cheerleading team is there? This poem serves mostly as a reminder to look back on those people who love us and let them know that they are appreciated. Angels are far and few between nowadays, so it’s best to hold on to the ones you’ve got. Find an angel, your angel, and tell them how much you love them.

via cottagehonaey on tumblr

Thank you.

When i was first learning to swim,

You held me above the water

When i gave my first speech,

You held my hand

When i lost my first love,

You held my heart

And when I thought the world was over

You held me steady

You’ve always held me,

But I’ve never done the same

You were never one for accolades

No crowns

No kisses

No hugs

Not even a gentle smile for all that you’ve done

No expectations, my mere happiness feeds you plenty

You’ve only ever wanted to give

Sometimes i wonder who I’d be without your embrace

Maybe i'd be angry, hardened, sad

Maybe, unknowingly, i’d miss you

Of course you're more than a hole inside me to be filled

You’re my path, eyesight, meaning

You’re everything I needed to become something

What would I be without you?

I don’t know how to express my gratitude

Where would I be without you?

You’re still here, beside me, in multitudes

How could I ever repay you?

There’s no gift that could equal your servitude

I guess this is all just a long way of admitting

I don’t know how to say

A/N: Read the first line of the poem again after reading the last stanza in order to finish reading it entirely.


Jaidah-Leigh Wyatt is a Canadian-Jamaican writer, currently studying film in university. She enjoys anything horror-related (specifically psychological horror) but has also been delving into absurdism and surrealism as of late. Overall she aims to create works that challenge your perspectives and change your views. Whether it be writing, films, or drawing, you can always find her working on something (or so she says).

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