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director/manager roles


-Prior experience in field encouraged
-Extremely organized, communicative and punctual individuals
-Must attend periodic director meetings and hold meetings with staff as they see fit

Open Positions:

-A Finance Manager is asked to track healthline zine's accounts, develop sources of income, and handle the financial side of any project(s) healthline undertakes, such as securing funding for contests.

artist roles


-Art portfolio required
-Strong communication and punctuality
-Work will be featured on website and social media with credit


Open Positions:
-A Graphic Designer is asked to design about 3 pieces of spot art for each issue. They may also occasionally be asked to design for the website and social media.

-A Layout Editor is asked to create layout for publications. They will be most active after submission periods. In the interm, they may be asked to help with website and social media layout. 

-A Website Designer will be called upon whenever changes to the website need to be made, such as uploading blog posts, announcing submission periods, and updating information. They must be proficient with Wix Website Creator and respond to queries in a very punctual fashion. 

apply here by September 31st

Decisions will be out the second week of October. Thank you for your interest. healthline is so, so excited to meet you.

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