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Summer 2023

This issue, healthline zine invited artists to express what they most wished to, 

yet could not easily say. The kind of things they were unsure they were allowed

to say, feelings they were not "supposed" to have, things they couldn't say to those around them yet desperately need to get out. Things they weren't

sure others wanted to hear.

We do. We're ready and waiting, complete with a blanket and a mug of tea.

Sit as close as you'd like. From your time with illness and recovery, what will you

confess? healthline zine is run entirely by volunteers and does not profit

from any issues we release, social media platforms we use, or anything else. we appreciate donations in order to upgrade our website, buy our own domain,

invest in graphic design tools to make the next issue even better than this one,

and one day, pay staff and contributors.



Fall 2022

hiraeth is a Welsh word expressing a blend of homesickness, nostalgia, & longing. In Wales, it is used primarily as a descriptor of the experience of reminiscing & grieving Welsh culture.  ​

ver the last few months, healthline zine had asked artists to make that idea their own. For our second issue, we searched for daydreams, space between musical notes, blurred landscapes & manifestations & half-baked dreams. blending with healthline's theme of healing, hiraeth came out as a collection of work unlike anything we've seen before.



Spring 2022

part 1 of healthline zine's second issue spans 44 pages & features 29 works of art & writing from 18 talented contributors. "Part 1: self-portrait" repaints the writers as the angels. in this part of the issue, we strive to be our best, we accept ourselves, and we are so full of love, it is enough to make the earth shake and the stars melt. "Self-portrait" is the one where submitters showed us their ugly & beautiful, & we fell neck-deep in love.

Part 2 of healthline zine's second issue spans 50 pages & features 31 works of art & writing from 27 talented contributors. "Part 2: beloved" is an ode to love in its forms, a compendium of elegies to the loves we've passed & a prayer to those we are yet to find. in this part of the issue, we love so hard, so much, the galaxy crumbles under its weight. In this issue, we love so hard, so much, it is enough to stitch the world back together. "beloved" is the one where there is love, there is love, there is love. "beloved" is the one that promises that, in this world, there is always love.


the climb

Fall 2021

healthline zine's debut issue spans 68 pages & features 33 works of art & writing from 18 talented contributors. issue 0: the climb is all about finding the core of who we are through the experiences that have shaped us & the people that have loved us. the climb is split into three sections: "more than the sum of my parts," "as i am destined to be," & "lodged into my body." each section sheds light on a different part of the climb & each section is necessary to form a full picture of struggle, triumph, & self-discovery.

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