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2024: A Year For Books

By: Daisy Bignell

2024 seems to be the year of books, and we at Healthline Zine are ready for it! From translated fiction, to cosy crime stories, to our messy girl-lit fic. So here are the novels that my bookshelf is eagerly awaiting, and yes - I’ve already made room for them. 

Blue Sisters: A Novel  - Coco Mellors (lit fic) 

Mellors, a Sunday Times bestselling author, has kept the lit fic fans picking at their fingernails and watching the clock for her second novel. The Blue Sisters focuses on three exceptional sisters who share one thing in common; the heartbreak which came with losing one of their own. From the typical eldest daughter, to the forgotten middle sister, to the rebellious youngest live different lifestyles as a coping mechanism to mourn their sister's death. A year after their sister's death, their broken bond flies them back to their family home in New York where they try to stop the sale of their childhood home. It is only by returning to the place they all tried to once flee that they can confront their grief and heartbreak, and learn to live again. 

Vibes: Mourning - Nostalgic - Messy Girl Era 

Seven Lively Suspects - Katy Watson (crime) 

Seven Lively Suspects is the third installment of a cozy crime series which follows three generations of actresses who have portrayed the iconic Dahlia Lively, based upon Lettuce Davenport's classic novels. As a reboot is in production the Dahlias unite whilst mysterious ‘incidents’ occur and the actresses must work together as great detectives to crack the case.

In an interview with @ratherbereading.bc Katy Watson confirmed that Seven Lively Suspects will be out in hardback just in time for the summer holidays. Sticky tabs and highlighters at the ready to unravel another of Watson's mysteries! 

Vibes: Bookish - Summer - Innocence (or not?)

Funny Story - Emily Henry (romance) 

Emily Henry, the contemporary Queen of romance, will publish Funny Story this Easter. Daphne and Miles share one thing in common; their partners are in love with each other. As each couple break up, Daphne and Miles find themselves single and struggling, who become roommates for convenience. One day, as they separately drown their sorrows, these two unsuspecting individuals hatch a plan of revenge for their exes. Whilst they flaunt their new ‘love’ on social media, Daphne convinces herself it’s all for the plot…but are they really roommates for convenience? 

Vibes: Witty - Light hearted - New Beginnings

House of Flame and Shadow - Sarah J.Maas (fantasy)

I’ll be the first to admit, I have never read a Sarah J. Maas novel, let alone her series! But, my new year's resolution is to venture outside my preferred genres, so I am happy to see her latest series is still alive and thriving. House of Flame and Shadow is the third installment of the Crescent City series. Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar have found themselves in some trouble; Bryce is stranded in a new world desperate to return to Midgard whilst Hunt finds himself in the Asteri’s dungeons stripped of his autonomy, without an inkling as to Bryce’s fate. Maas’ third installment reads as Bryce’s and Hunt’s world weighs heavy on their shoulders, trying to prevent it collapsing into chaos.  

Vibes: Seductive - Suspense - Urban Fantasy

Until August: The Lost Novel - Gabriel Garcia Marquez (translated fic)

Until August is the lost novel from Marquez, the paragon of Latin American fiction. This novel is an investigation into sensuality, desire and regret which focuses on Ana Magdalena Bach, a married woman, who takes a new lover on one day in August each year..  She sits alone in hotel bars on the island where her mother is buried, surveying for her next suitor. As each year passes Ana looks inwards at her desire and the fear which haunts her every day. 

Vibes: Desire - Womanhood - Escapism 

If these new releases of 2024  sound like your (favorite) cup of tea, make sure to keep an eye out for them at your local bookshop!


Daisy Bignell is an aspiring poet, born in Surrey and raised in a small village. Having just finished her Masters degree in English Literature, from the University of Winchester. She is now taking time to focus exclusively on her writing. Her works have previously been published in literary magazines, most recently in the winter edition of 'Scribbles.' When she isn't writing and reading, she is playing with her family dog, Crumble.


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