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Fallen Angel

Updated: Feb 13

By: Alin Quinn

the earth exists in endless beauty and

i am but a lackluster creation,

the humble work of broken, messy hands,

cast aside to bask in desolation.

there was no purpose in this artistry,

no unconditional love, no desire, just

the failed attempt you hide ashamedly,

quickly pushed away in blatant disgust.


why must i exist without perfection?

there is elegance in my messiness—

i will not live in this raw rejection,

in endless eviscerating emptiness—

my resilient spirit will be newly risen

and you won’t be my only definition.


Alin Quinn is a disabled, mixed, queer writer and poet in the US. His poems have been published in “Of Love and Dedication”, a Live Poets Society high school anthology, and “That Gray Zine”. When not reading or writing, he especially enjoys hanging out with his dog, playing the Sims 4, and collecting plushies. He is also currently studying social work in college.


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