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"healthline zine is driven by a candid belief in healing, run by a staff who works to promote stories of illness, loss, and pain.


We hope you find solace in our art & a home in our community, so stay around and explore the messy & beautiful of illness, healing, & hope with us."

—Stuti Desai, Editor-in-Chief

Healthline Zine



Summer 2022

This issue, healthline zine invited artists to express what they most wished to, yet could not easily say. The kind of things they were unsure they were allowed to say, feelings they were not "supposed" to have, things they couldn't say to those around them yet desperately need to get out. Things they weren't sure others wanted to hear.

We do. We're ready and waiting, complete with a blanket and a mug of tea. Sit as close as you'd like. From your time with illness and recovery, what will you confess?

healthline zine is run entirely by volunteers and does not profit from any issues we release, social media platforms we use, or anything else. we appreciate donations in order to upgrade our website, buy our own domain, invest in graphic design tools to make the next issue even better than this one, and one day, pay staff and contributors.


Tune into news from our staff creatives, interviews from global superstars and artistic personas all on the hope of healing, loss, and hope. We invite you to sit back, relax, and browse hundreds of articles from healthline zine today.

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